5 Questions With Our Specialist: Lawrence Citarelli Jr.

1.  What makes your market special? 
From the investment side our market has a historical proven track record of resilience.  From the Luxury side, well there isn’t much else one could ask for…World Renown beaches, diverse culture and demographics, fantastic shops and restaurants and an aura of peace and serenity. 

2.  What is your top 3 restaurants to try in your market?
Dee Angelo’s Pleasant Ave Café, The Inn At Quogue, Star Boggs 

3.  If money was no concern, what is your favorite property for sale today?
Regardless of how much money one has it should always be a concern as it relates to prudence…My favorite property are some of the ones we just recently purchased both here and in the Caribbean.

4.  If I was going to stay in your market, where would you recommend to stay?
One of our many amazing waterfront estates/Villas.

5.  Do you use a Blackberry or Iphone?
Yes and we employ all of today’s cutting technology replete with the newest apps.  

Lawrence Citarelli Jr. is our exclusive realtor for the Southampton market. Check out his profile on the  Haute Living Real Estate Network.