5 Questions with David Matthews, Owner of Eden Rock – St. Barth’s

1.  What makes Eden Rock – St. Barth’s Haute?
Eden Rock is a non-corporate, family run business and yet is an international must-stay destination. Brilliantly sited ever since it was built 60 years ago on a promontory of the same name, the island’s original hotel has been a magnet for the A-list crowd from Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes to some of today’s most famous celebrities. The hotel offers impeccable attention to detail and unparalleled levels of friendly service provided by French staff. Also, Eden Rock-St Barths has evolved three creative areas: art & artists: music & musicians: and food & foodies all of which play a free part in the daily life of guests.

2.  What is your favorite room/suite/ house in the hotel?
Villa Rockstar – one of the world’s greatest beach houses. Villa Rockstar has to be seen to be believed. The 14,000 square-foot villa is styled over three floors and features: four master suites, two cabins, Butler service, a cinema, a gym, an office, cloisters, garages and cars, a pool table, roulette and card games, dining for 12 people, a swimming pool, spa pool and its own garden. The villa is home to a fully equipped recording studio including amongst its fitted gear, the actual 1973 Neve Music Recording Console used by John Lennon to record ‘Imagine’.

3.  For sushi, which restaurant would you recommend to your guests?
BAZ Bar in Gustavia

4.  Tell us about a perfect day in St. Barth’s.
Start the day with a delicious buffet breakfast in The Sand Bar by the ocean, before taking a stroll along the beautiful beaches of St Jean Bay. Splash around and enjoy a snorkel around the reef – or hire a motor yacht to explore the coastline of St Barths. Lunch bare-foot at The Sand Bar. Enjoy some time out of the mid-day sun – Eden Rock’s houses, suites, rooms and cabins all have lovely terraces to relax upon. Enjoy the afternoon: call room service perhaps for a Planters or Iced Tea. The afternoon’s adventure is by Jeep. Discover the capital Gustavia and its world-class designer shopping – unique within this region of the world. Then savor evening cocktails at the waters edge and then enjoy quite the most beautiful dinner at Eden Rock’s On-The-Rocks Restaurant perched high above the coral reef and Caribbean ocean. Take a midnight stroll or hit the town and celeb-watch in Gustavia.

5.  What are some special amenities available at Eden Rock?
Eden Rock-St. Barths includes three creative elements freely provided: Art and Artists; Music and Musicians; Food and Foodies – all intertwine into the daily and nightly lives of the guests.

– Art and Artists: Eden Rock-St Barths – is an inspirational place for the artistic mind. The Eden Rock Gallery (www.edenrockgallery.com) is a commercial gallery as well as a studio for guests to paint within and to enjoy. Exhibitions and Artist in Residence programs are offered.

– Music and Musicians: A state-of-the-art recording studio exists and is operated in collaboration with Ocean Way Recording Studios of Hollywood where world renowned sound engineer Allen Sides presides. Allen has worked with Michael Jackson, The Stones and The Beatles and pretty much most other game changers… The music mixing console at Eden Rock was used by John Lennon to record ‘Imagine.’

– Food and Foodies: Eden Rock is a theater of cooking. Two restaurants, On-The-Rocks and Sand Bar, are musts for anyone visiting St. Barths. Both restaurants are led by the brilliant young French Chef Anne Cécile Degenne, who draws culinary inspiration and ideas from around the world. On-The-Rocks is surrounded by the ocean and features a look-see kitchen, three levels of dining, a bar and spectacular views over the bay – whereas with Sand Bar it’s toes in the water time…

David Matthews is the owner of Eden Rock St. Barth’s. Check out Eden Rock’s profile on our exclusive Haute Hotel Network.