TREND REPORT: DÉCOR by Artefacto, Ditozzi Designs, Luminaire, and more


Furniture and home appointments, like accessories, tell the story of your personal style. These hand-picked architectural appointments exhibit negative space such as perforations and cutouts, creating an airy aesthetic and feeling of expansiveness that adds to a room in a way most pieces cannot. From room dividers to barely-there bookcases, the idea is to fill a space without really filling it.

1. Artefacto

Spider Chair, $1,433; available at Artefacto, 4440 Ponce De Leon Blvd., 305-774-0004,

2. Ditozzi Designs

Black and white Zebrano fine wool rug, 7.7”x11.5”, price upon request; available at Dizotti Designs at Luxury Home Collection Gallery 202 East 58th Street, New York, 646-490 7015

3. Luminaire

Foscarini Planet Suspension Light, $451-730; available at Luminaire Coral Gables, 2331 Ponce de Leon Blvd., 305-448-7367,

4. Janus EtCie

See! Open Chaise Lounge, $3,276; available at Janus etCie, 8687 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, 310-652-7090

5. Cassina

CassinaVeliero, price upon request; available at CASSINA LA by DIVA

8815 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, 310-278-3292

6. Fendi Casa

Garcia Chair, $1,490; available at Luxury Living, Fendi Casa, 90 NE 39 St., Miami, 305-438-1660

7. Baltus

Detroit Screen, $7,390; available at Baltus Los Angeles, 9000 Beverly Blvd, 90048, West Hollywood, 310-388-6750