The Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Chandelier Bar in Las Vegas

Photo from Steve Marcus

The Cosmopolitan Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip offers a truly one-of-a-kind, only-in-vegas type of nightlife experience: The Chandelier, a crystal-enshrouded bar — a literally inhabitable chandelier. The hotspot is a favorite of celebrities such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Vince Vaughn and Kim Kardashian.

The tri-level venue designed by the famed Rockwell architecture group seats 500 guests nestled among its shimmering strands of 2 million beaded crystals. The high-energy first floor of blends effortlessly into the casino, features a DJ and is devoted to intricate specialty cocktails. The second floor provides the most exclusive experience, serving drinks with molecular garnishes delivered tableside from a modern bar cart. The separate cocktail kitchen designated for molecular exploration is stocked with a sous-vide vacuum, a Pacojet to make spirited sorbets, a spherification center and a complete index of chemicals used in molecular gastronomy.

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One resulting cocktail is the Fire Breathing Dragon, made with raspberry, lemongrass and Thai chili and garnished with a dehydrated raspberry that is treated with liquid nitrogen. Once you bite down on the raspberry, it releases a sort of smokey substance, hence the fire breathing.

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The third floor, overlooking the entirety of the casino, exudes femininity and offers yet another take on creatively infused cocktails. Floral elements like rose, violet and lavender essences are used to make a mix of modern and classic drinks. Cocktails include Bed Thyme, made from chamomile and lavenders syrups with thyme cognac and pear liqueur, and Violet Femme, a gin and elderflower cocktail rimmed in violet sugar with edible violets.

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