John Moran’s Antiques & Decorative Arts Auction

If you are a collector of 19thcentury table setting pieces, you’re in for quite a treat. The John Moran’s Antiques & Decorative Arts Auction is previewing tonight at the Pasadena Convention Center. Much of the collection consists of heavy sterling tea kettles, silverware and shiny pewter bowls and dishes. Those items of special interest to the auctioneers include the following:

The Works of Charles Paul De Kock, Bibliomaniac Edition, four volumes

This French novelist wrote about 100 volumes, mostly about middle class Parisian life.  The author’s pieces were extraordinarily popular in his day for his often bitter humor and keen observations. Estimated Value: $6000

Karoly Patko’s   “Reclining Nude”

This is one of the Hungarian artist’s earlier and more popular oil paintings in the Novascento theme;the more popular being his “Adam and Eve” nude.  Estimated Value:  $12,000

Jerman Jordan Long Rifle

This American curly maple wood beauty was probably used around the early 19th century. When you peer down the iron barrel you might just get a whiff of pure pre-civil War History. Estimated Value: $1000

Pair of Louis XVI Style 6-Light Candelabras

Interior Decorating will hardly ever reach the depths of design decadence exhibited in this time period. These tall, ornate, gold and bronze pieces are decorated with classical maidens above a marble base. Estimated Value: $6000

Evening Sale starts at 6:30pm. Bids are available via phone, absentee or online at