World’s Largest Floating Island, Viva, Now Open In Seoul

The world’s largest floating island, Viva, has just finished its first week of business as a prime new tourist attraction in Seoul, South Korea. Viva, which sits atop the Han River near the Banpo Bridge is the first of the three floating man-made islands to be built. The other two, Vista and Terra, are slated to open in September.

Artificial islands have been created before, most famously Dubai’s manmade islands. However, Seoul’s three islands differ in that they float on the surface of the water, with the help of a buoy secured in place by 28 chains, rather than being constructed by pouring sand on the seabed to create land.

At 3,271 square meters, Viva is the second largest of the three. Its three-story structure houses a 700-seat convention hall as well as several other attractions, such as restaurants and video games. Parks, outdoor terraces, and viewing points surround the center, and at night, the building lights up the river with brightly hued light shows.

Once the other two islands open, the 20,400-square-meter entertainment complex will offer three cultural centers, featuring performances, water sports, and aquatic events. The archipelago can accommodate up to 6,200 people, and is expected to make the already popular Han River an even bigger tourist attraction for South Korea. Viva la fun!

[Source: The Independent]