Haute Yachts: The Epiphany-Convertible Luxury Yacht

Yachts seem to be the newest luxurious toys to own nowadays and thanks to industrial designers John Guarino, Caan Yaylali, and Nathan Gendotti you can now admire the creativity and luxury in an amazing yacht The Epiphany,Transformers-inspired concept completely unique in its creation!

The Epiphany has all of the comforts of a luxury yacht and the innovative style of a club; however, its eminent feature is the ability to quickly transform from a streamlined speed yacht into a comfort boat. It has a variety of 10 knts/900rpm and 3000 N.Miles as well as 20knts/2500rpm and 1800 N.Miles. When stationed in a cove or at the dock, its transformation begins with the large deck area that slides apart to reveal more deck space and seating as well as a central hot tub. An excellent entertaining space for its owner and guests!

The back of the yacht consists of a superstructure with an impressive glass sunroof that slides open 16 feet. Apart from the sunroof is a grand stairway leading down to a water-level deck. The interior showcases a master suite with private water level decks. Amazing glass doors that allow the deck to remain lowered during the time the yacht is anchored. With a guest suite and two guest rooms there is extensive room to accommodate guests. In addition to this, a living room, formal dining room, and internal storage area for jet skis conclude the Epiphany’s furbished interior. Admire the excellent and innovative Epiphany concept yacht in the pictures provided just below:

[Source: Luxedb]