Gisela’s Journal: Trip to Paris and London

My time in Paris was amazing. We ate lunch at Hotel Costes, where they have the best dessert called framboises du bois (a very small strawberry variety that you can only get in France) with creme fraiche. We also went to see the Anish Kapoor Exhibit at the Grand Palais. I have never seen such a fabulous exhibit.

We then headed to London. Walking down New Bond Street is so nice (even with heavy rain!) But the rain took us inside to Harvey Nichols. A must try is the Food Market – a food boutique on the fifth floor of Harvey Nichols. No matter what diet you are on, you have to try their desserts.

We also dined at so many delicious restaurants. One night we ate dinner at La Petite Maison, which is a place where all the locals gather regularly. The menu has an extensive variety of fish, chicken and meat. If you are lucky you might bump into people like Ronnie Wood!

Now I am off to Madrid! My driver to the airport was one of the nicest taxi drivers I have ever met! We tried to take the Heathrow Express (the train that goes right to the airport–the fastest way). But it turns out it was on strike and the trains where running on a 30-minute schedule. My driver grabbed his iPhone and googled it to show us what was happening.

I shared with him that I thought London taxi drivers are always so nice and polite, and never try to trick tourists. He thanked me and told me with pride, “Probably because it takes about three years to become a taxi driver! Three years of blood, sweat and tears. Streets, places of public interest, museums, history, etc; what you have to study is more than in a university. This country really makes sure we are very well prepared!”

We then started talking about his children and differences in parenting styles and I learned a new Brit slang: “You are so lush” means that you have made a “cushy” life when kids have it easy at home…something parents always struggle with. He told me, “No doubt, mothers are superwomen! They do much more.”

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