Exclusive Insight To The Millennium Suite at Chelsea FC

As a disclaimer I feel I should point out my knowledge of soccer is limited. What I do know however is that living 10 minutes away from Stamford Bridge there is certainly a buzz surrounding Chelsea FC at the moment. And it’s infectious.

Behind the glamour of what Forbes have recently ranked the world’s seventh richest soccer club, are the fans that have supported Chelsea through good times and bad. Head towards that sea of blue and white on a match day afternoon and you’ll feel it – and that’s before you’ve even seen the on-pitch shenanigans, high goal scores, the celebrations, and world famous players. Head towards the Millennium Suite with your clients or family and you’re in for a bigger weekend treat.

The background

Since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea FC in 2003 it’s been hard to turn away from the transformation of a West London club with an uncertain financial future to one of the world’s richest soccer clubs.

Having the fifty-third richest man in the world (the ninth richest man in Russia) behind the club has certainly ignited a spark throughout players and fans alike. Critics too, although they won’t admit it, are having a hard time ignoring the club’s on goings and it’s the astronomical fees being paid out of the Russian oligarch’s back pocket that have got tongues wagging.

Already Abramovich has poured £740 million of his own cash into the club and there is no sign of the spending splurge slowing down. In January of 2011 he invested £73 million on two players alone— £50 million on the record signing of Fernando Torres from Liverpool and £23 million on David Luiz.

Likewise, Chelsea’s players are as controversial off the pitch as they are on. Captain John Terry takes home £150,000 a week while Frank Lampard was recently ranked eight in Forbes list of highest paid soccer players in the world.

But don’t we all know this already? Admire or loath the lavish handling of the club but the action on the pitch is electric. Consider that in the eight years since Abramovich joined the club Chelsea have won the Premier League three times (and still might just knock Manchester United off the top spot this season). The last time they won pre- Abramovich was 1955.

As more recent rumors suggest Abramovich is set to set to launch an £80 million transfer frenzy this summer the 2011-12 season promises to be even more entertaining.


At the club where money talks, it’s no wonder that the corporate facilities are drawing in influential visitors and their clients from across Europe and the States.

If you’re looking to impress, or indeed simply insist on the best soccer seats in the London, the Millennium Suites are the most luxurious from a long and impressive list of corporate match day packages.

Membership allows you unlimited access to your personal suite for your own private use throughout the year. Self-equipped with bathrooms, a kitchen, balcony and private bar; meetings or intimate dinners are possible whenever and however you chose to use your private space. In fact, should you want the room decorating to suit your corporate colours or just your fancy, it will be arranged.

On match day however, the hospitality begins well before kick off and doesn’t have to end until you’re ready to leave. Everything from arrival to departure is utterly effortless, from the cuisine, with menus that change seasonally will suit your preferences thanks to your pre-season culinary consultation, to appearances from current and ex-players who drop by to see how you are enjoying the day.

Add the Millennium and Copthorne Hotel, The Chelsea Club and Antara Spa, and the four restaurants and bars at the stadium (including MARCO from the three-Michelin-starred chef Marco Pierre White) to your plans and ‘match day’ could easily become ‘match weekend’ for you and your guests.

In addition to the exclusive hospitality, elite business and networking opportunities are also possible at private dinners with the manager and chairman, the annual golf day, and at the Player of The Year awards as well as advertising on the Chelsea FC website.

The privileges don’t end at the ground either. When the team are playing away in European grounds you’ll be travelling VIP with the team and have access to European and UK cup game finals.

Chelsea FC is most certainly no longer the club looking back to its past successes. Instead, the West London club has transformed to be one representative of the cutting-edge and sought after neighbourhood in which it is based. Make sure you, your clients and family are all a part of it, watching the excitement from a Millennium Suite.

Millennium Suite fees begin from £500,000+VAT per season. For more information email Katy Fearne at katy.fearne@chelseafc.com or telephone: 0207 915 1988.