S*UCE’s Bench Project

One of Dubai’s most cherished and innovative boutiques, S*UCE has been a source of support for artists, designers and creatives throughout the city. S*UCE’s most recent creative endeavor is a collaborative project with Art Dubai’s Art Week and takes the form of side walk benches.

Dubai is greatly lacking when it comes to pedestrian activity. There are hardly any sidewalks or parks where one can take a relaxing nonchalant stroll and perhaps more importantly, there are barely any public benches. Have you ever stopped to realize how many things can take place around a bench?

In order to increase the number of benches in Dubai as well as engage in the city’s underground art scene, S*UCE’s Melina Mitri came up with the idea to hand over benches to local artists who would decorate them. Personalities who are benching for S*UCE include benched for S*uce this spring are Nadine Kanso, START, Khalid Shafar, Maria Dowlatshahi, Leila Al Marashi, Hind Mezaina, Hadeya Badri, Zayan Ghandour and Michelle Roberts.

The benches can now be seen at select locations throughout Dubai as well as at Art Dubai. Soon there will be more benches in Dubai which tales unfold and stories will be remembered.

Everyone can take part in the bench project. Email your thoughts about the project to benches@sauceloves.com read what other individuals have to say www.sauceloves.com/benches.