Where to Buy Valentine’s Day Chocolates in Los Angeles

Teuscher Chocolates - Beverly Hills

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what comes to mind? First is love; and second of course, is chocolate. Los Angeles if filled with outstanding chocolate shops with imports from Switzerland to single origin chocolates from all over the world.

Beverly Hills especially has many special places to buy some scrumptious gifts for the holiday, but Teuscher Chocolates, straight from Switzerland, are definitely a favorite. The shop on Brighton Way is loaded with heart shaped boxes of handmade confections–dark chocolate truffles and champagne truffles are their specialty. Another treat at Teuscher in Beverly Hills is their walk-up coffee bar which pours decadent mochas, warm hot chocolate, and frothy cappuccinos daily.

Madame Chocolat, owned and operated by Hasty Torres, (wife of the famous French Chocolatier Jacques Torres) creates the perfect chocolate bon bons just as they do in France. Some of her specialties include Amour, liquid caramel with a splash of rum and milk chocolate, and Ooh La La, passion fruit with a hint of Alize liquor and milk chocolate. Another can’t miss is C’est La Vie, the Grand Marnier-infused in dark chocolate ganache. Madame Chocolat is located on North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills just above Wilshire Blvd.

Compartes Chocolatier - Brentwood

On the other side of the 405 freeway lie some additional chocolate delights. Compartes Chocolatier in Brentwood creates handmade truffles from a blend of chocolate all over the world. They have been making chocolates for the last 50 years and have been approached by several high-end retailers to market their chocolates in stores. For now, Compartes is keeping with tradition and remaining small and organically artisanal. Their salted dark chocolate truffle is creamy and deep with a hint of salt, one of their most popular.

Intemperantia (meaning “Self Indulgence”) is located in Pacific Palisades on Antioch Street. They import handmade truffles from Switzerland and are both a retailer as well as a wholesaler. Don’t miss their hot chocolate created from a 120-year-old French recipe that is both rich and delicious.

Chocolate is great any time of year but, especially on Valentine’s Day. Make your loved ones smile with a heart shaped box of joy from one of these wonderful chocolate makers.

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Where to Buy Valentine’s Day Chocolates in Los Angeles