Emotional States: “Pulse” by Charbel Samuel Aoun at Artspace

Flow (2011) by Charbel Samuel Aoun

Twisted and contorted figures, vibrantly colored, and laden with various states of heightened emotion, the work of Lebanese artist Charbel Samuel Aoun aims to present the spectator with real and poignant portrayals of the depths of human emotion. They seek to engage the viewer emotionally rather than simply appearing pleasing to the eye.

Social Icon Series (2011) by Charbel Samuel Aoun

“There are many lines in my paintings, however each line holds emotion and the form is a result of all these lines and emotions. I’m not imprisoning the spectator in the form; it’s the energy behind the form – the energy that exists behind the lines or in the visual aspect that you can see through the form sometimes. You can feel the transparency that takes you to another dimension,” writes Charbel in his artist’s statement.

Le Regret by Charbel Samuel Aoun

An architect, sculptor, and painter from Fanar, Lebanon, Charbel’s work is intent to capture the state of humanity through his art. His work has been exhibited at CCF Beirut “Out of Space” in 2007, an exhibit of his sculptural works where forms extended out into the viewer’s personal space; two painting exhibitions in 2009, “Mourasshah intikhabi” at Bardo Gallery and “Fattoush Beirut” at Zico Gallery in Beirut, and most recently, “Flows” at Artlounge in Beirut in 2010. “Pulse” is the artist’s debt solo-show in Dubai.

La tempete de lumiere by Charbel Samuel Aoun
la tempete de lumiere by Charbel Samuel Aoun

Pulse by Charbel Samuel Aoun is showing at Artspace in the DIFC from February 7th until March 5th 2011