Get Your Grom On: Italian Gelateria Grom Opens Shop in Malibu

Ok, ok. I know that everyone’s back on track, eating organic again with plenty of exercise now that the holiday hullabaloo has died down. And I don’t mean to tempt you guys to fall off the healthy bandwagon, but Italian gelateria Grom is so incredibly delicious, it’s worth throwing in the towel. At least once. Sweet tooths take note.

Grom, who opened shop about two weeks ago in Malibu, has elevated the craft of gelato making to high art. The gelatos and sorbets are only made with the finest ingrediants Lurisia water for the sorbest, rich dairy products from local farmers, the Sfusato lemon from Amalfi, Tonda Gentile Trilobata hazelnuts from the Langhe, the Leonforte peach, the Bronte pistachio, the Ribera strawberry, and decadent coffee and cocoa products from South America. In fact, the masterminds behind Grom are so exacting about their standards that they set-up a farm, Mura Mura, to grow the very best berries and fruit. Impressive, no?

Grom’s Malibu outpost marks the first west coast destination for the brand. So, as you can imagine, I simply had to go an welcome them to the left coast. Upon viewing the menu of tasty treats, I found myself torn between the Marrons Glaces (candied chesnut) and the Caramello (caramel with pink Himalayan sea salt). So, I did what any normal person would have done in crisis: double-scooped it. Delish. I left with my sweet tooth satisfied and a firm resolve to stick to a macrobiotic diet. Of course, a day or so later, in complete Grom withdrawal, I found myself going back to the scene of the crime only this time, I ordered a dark hot chocolate with Venezuelan Ocumare chocolate, from Grom’s hot chocolate menu. It was a chilly day and the beverage was warm, thick, rich and decadent. Can this be legal? All I know is, I want death by hot chocolate.

3886 Cross Creek Road, Malibu, CA 90265 -310.456.9797