Haute Gift: Emirati Musk by Hind Al Oud

Fumbling over what to give for the holidays? Gift something typical of the Gulf region with Emirati Musk by Hind Al Oud. Perfume has a special history in the Arab region and is often gifted between friends, family, co-workers and even leaders.

“Emirati Musk” is the lastest perfume in Hind Al Oud’s collection of luxury fragrances.  Launced by Mohamed Hilal on the United Arab Emirate’s 39th National Day celebrations, the perfume holds a special place in UAE history.

Mohamed Hilal was a young Emirati pilot who had a great love for perfumes and established three brands of luxury perfumes which are distributed across the GCC and the Middle East.

“Musk” was chosen for its special reflection on Emirati culture. The scent is transparent and clear; created by blending raw materials into one scent; and long lasting– all qualities which resonate through the UAE’s past, present and future.

“Emirati Musk” is a deep, distinct and powerful scent. It will remind the wearer of beautiful desert lands, kind and determined people.