You Can’t Be Haute and Dirty

I like to get my hands dirty, but it takes on a whole new meaning when I start ingesting dirt, or worse chemicals. The whole “buy organic” thing was not an issue when I was a kid, but is becoming an issue more and more. (I just dated myself. Oh, well, such is life.)

The fact remains that not everything you buy needs to be organic. It is important to focus on foods that come with the heaviest burden of pesticides, additives and hormones. Pretty gross when you think about the effects that these harmful chemicals can have on you internally. You certainly are what you eat at this point, a grenade waiting to go off.

Here they are, the Dirty Dozen:


Fun facts: In a chick, the most contaminated part is the thigh. Pork meat can be contaminated, but pork fat is more contaminated. There was a recent report that the USDA is failing to even test mean for harmful chemicals.


Fun facts: 12 different pesticides have been identified in milk. Frightening when it is a staple in a child’s diet. When feeding organic cattle they must be fed with organic grains.


Fun facts: Many of the beans are grown in countries that are not required to regulate the chemicals or pesticides that they use.


Fun facts: Celery has no protective skin, thus sucks in the chemicals that are sprayed all over it and make it virtually impossible to wash it off, or out.


Fun facts: Rated No. 1 on the Dirty Dozen list in 2009 and No. 2 in 2010. Researchers have found 62 pesticides in the residue of peaches.


Fun facts: Strawberries out of season are imported and thus there is no control over the pesticides used. Researchers have found 59 pesticides in the residue of these delicious fruits.


Fun facts: The saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away brings a whole new meaning when purchasing non-organic apples. The reason is because in order to grow these fruits they must spray to keep the fungi and insects at bay.


Eli Roth of Inglourious Basterds

Fun facts: Blueberries are new on the Dirty Dozen 2010 list with 52 known pesticides invading these yummy treats. They have also been deemed the dirtiest berry on the market.


Fun facts: 33 different types of pesticides have been recorded to permeate these juicy fruits.


Sophie Monk Actress/Model

Fun facts: Bell Peppers have thin skin and do not have enough of a barrier to fight off the pesticides.


Fun facts: New to the 2010 list.


Fun facts: It may be a hardy leafy green, but not hard enough to fight off the pesticides.


Fun facts: Imported cherries have been found to have less than three times the amount of pesticides than locally grown contain. Frightening.


Fun facts: Re-emerging on the 2010 list, this spud may have taken a break last year, but this year is a very different story.


FUN FACTS: Only imported grapes make the dirty dozen list. Keep that in mind when indulging in a little vino.

I know it may be a lot to remember, but you can always carry this list along with your shopping list. Others that should be considered even though they did not make the list are leafy greens, carrots, pears and tomatoes because all of them have been found to be laced with an exorbitant amount of pesticides due to their fragile skin. Until next time my friends, visit To health and wellness, salute.