All Business: The Top 5 Power Lunches in Boston

The infamous ’80s prototypical power magnate, Gordon Gekko, once said that “lunch is for wimps.” We care to (politely) disagree. Roll up your silk sleeves and watch those cuff links—here are the Top 5 places to for power lunches in Boston.

Capital Grille

Lunch at the Capital Grille is no small feat: the selections are heavy, including Capital classics such as New England clam chowder, beef carpaccio and enough varieties of high-end steaks (we like the filet) to satisfy the most carnivorous appetite. When coupled with the dark atmosphere and sophisticated ambiance, deals are done and done again. The Capital Grille: suitable for the billionaire boys’ club and those who want to be a part of it.

Capital Grille is located at 359 Newbury Street in the Back Bay

The Oak Room

According to the fine folks at The Oak Room, “Too many establishments simply serve steaks. We worship them.” It’s that very attitude that makes The Oak Room what it is: a blue chip playground for powerhouse players. (And, if steak isn’t your forté, we adore the Colorado lamb chops.)

The Oak Room is located at 138 St. James Avenue in Copley Square


When it comes to power lunches, Morton’s is as synonymous as a handshake or a freshly inked contract. We’ve become especially enticed with group’s $29 Prime Lunch selection menu, which includes Morton’s staples such as lobster bisque, king salmon, and chocolate mousse—to sweeten the deal, of course.

Morton’s is located in the Back Bay and Seaport District neighborhoods

Abe & Louie’s

If you don’t like a lot of fluff, you’ll adore Abe & Louie’s. The specialty group (they have a sister restaurant in Boca Raton) serves their steaks to order, with sides (including the quintessential au jus) ordered and delivered upon request. The service, like the food, is gold standard—we’d even call it Rat Pack-worthy.

Abe & Louie’s is located at 793 Boylston Street in the Back Bay

The Vault

Financial District movers and shakers often don’t have much time away from their offices to linger over an hour-long meal or martini to make things happen. That’s why we love The Vault: located in the heart of this aforementioned neighborhood, it caters to financial wondergods (and the rest of us mere mortals) who value a good meal as much as a good move in the bond market. Be warned, though: the desire to return to your desk post-nosh will wane.

The Vault is located at 105 Water Street in the Financial District