Haute Secrets New York: Jordan Nadler

Haute Secrets New York

Name: Jordan Nadler

The stats: Born in Manhattan; lived on her own there for four years, currently on Upper East Side

Why she loves New York: I have never and will never fully discover everything about it. There is always something new happening and unique experiences to be had.

This 22-year-old aspiring actress has got the looks and the talent. She recently graduated from The Neighborhood Playhouse, a New York City conservatory whose alumni include Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton and Steve McQueen. And although her desire is to one day grace the stages of Broadway, she’s currently having fun as a “Real Weather Girl” for a new iPhone app that has taken the internet by storm. Real Weather Girls is the first-ever mobile application that provides original daily original video content. The app features a hand-picked bunch of everyday girls living in cities throughout the country, bringing weather forecasts to your phone every day along with their daily ventures and inside scoop on all of their city’s hot spots.

Because of her current gig, Jordan knows what’s haute around New York City — from the chic after-hour clubs to restaurants around the Meatpacking District. Just don’t ask her where to find the best hamburger, Jordan’s a vegetarian and an avid animal activist.

Find out Jordan Nadler’s favorite places in New York in our latest Haute Secrets.

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