Boston’s Newest Dining Haute Spot: Foundry on Elm

Davis Square, one of Greater Boston’s hautest neighborhoods, has yet another reason to celebrate its hip landscape: the opening of Foundry on Elm, an upscale gastropub located on eponymous Elm Street.

This author checked out Foundry during its opening weekend, and much to my surprise, found that I could hardly squeeze myself through its wrought iron doorway—the entire restaurant, from its sleek booths to the rich, wood-paneled bar area, was entirely packed with smiling, eating, and drinking patrons.  Unlike its neighboring restaurants The Burren and Joshua Tree, notorious for harboring saucy Tufts clientele, Foundry was full of smart-looking, well-dressed young professionals, the kind of people you’d want to have a drink and good conversation with.

Since the reservation list was a mile long and we were short on time, my friends and I huddled at one of the extended bar tables (which we gladly shared with a group of 5 in the same boat as us), opting to share a serving of Poutine ($9), a French fried comfort food with oozy cheese and smokey gravy. I sipped on a Seelboch ($9.25), a classic (and potent) blend of Bourbon, Cointreau and champagne, while my counterparts choose craft beers ($6 to $25) and a standard vodka and tonic ($9). The wait for our cocktails was slightly drawn out; then again, who could have predicted the explosive popularity of a venue that was once occupied by a home appliance store?

Foundry on Elm is located at 255 Elm Street in Davis Square