Jewel of the Day: Van Der Bauwede Genève Opens its First U.S. Flagship Boutique at Village of Merrick Park

As the economy dims retailers around the world, Van Der Bauwede Genève ignites Village of Merrick Park with fiery gems and red-hot timepiece collections. The Swiss-born luxury watch and jewelry brand’s first U.S. flagship boutique opens at the Village of Merrick Park today, establishing the brand’s presence in the United States and strengthening its global allure. In celebration of the premiere boutique’s grand opening, David Rolland, U.S. president and CEO of Van Der Bauwede Genève, will host a fabulous fête alongside of Maria Beguiristain, Christina Buppert, Jennifer Cervera and Alexia Echevarria tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. Guests will enjoy exquisite French hors d’oeuvres and cocktails while shopping an assortment of Van Der Bauwede Genève’s purely Swiss-made signature watch, jewelry and diamond collections. Best of all, a portion of the day’s proceeds will be donated to the Voices Against Brain Cancer Foundation.

“We are very excited to be opening the Van Der Bauwede Genève; there has been a lot of hype around this being the brand’s first U.S. location,” Rolland said. “We are most confident that our one-of-a-kind style, vibrant colors and exclusive designs will be well received by the South Florida market.”

The economy has influenced the evolvement of a new accessories customer, compelling retailers to bear focus on costume jewelry, but the gem wise know that when it comes to accessories, luxury is not simply a trend. Divine excess is an investment that grows with the wearer throughout a lifetime. There is no guilt in shelling out for fine jewelry, and Van Der Bauwede Genève is not just any fine jewelry brand. Bringing generations of innovative creativity and global sophistication to its latest South Florida concept, Van Der Bauwede Genève does jewelry justice. From the Rue du Rhône in Geneva to your jewelry box, Van Der Bauwede Geneve’s 15 unrivaled watch collections and 11 exquisite jewelry collections stun even the chicest of clientele who indulge in their weaknesses for rarity, refinement, and superiority.

The flagship store has cultivated beauty and intimacy in the subtle blend of wood, leather and glass décor. True non-conformist style, concern for aesthetics and technical refinement, and the noblest materials, combined with fine horological and family tradition, consummates the quality that makes up the Van Der Bauwede Genève brand. Since the family’s involvement with watches began in 1890, the Van Der Bauwede Genève commitment to excellence has been eminent in a subtle blending of luxurious high-end finishing and an indulgence in passion for eloquent expression of prestige and time-honored beauty.

The Van Der Bauwede Genève brand boasts a multitude of materials, white, yellow and pink gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones, and styles from dress to sport chronographs feeding the sophisticated tastes of today’s modern businessman and highly refined woman. Baring stunning earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, Van Der Bauwede Genève’s jewelry collections complement its exclusive and alluring watch collections. Van Der Bauwede Genève caters to selective clientele anticipating trends in fashion and design through collaborations with highly acclaimed designers and holding pride in its private label, which allows for private orders and production of personalized watches and jewelry designs according to the customer’s desires.

The Van Der Bauwede Genève name has grown into a renowned company of quality timepieces bejeweled worldwide on the wrists and in the collections of private collectors and statured individuals. The Van Der Bauwede Genève luxury brand is sold in 180 multi-brand retailers worldwide, including France, Belgium, Spain, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey and Hong Kong and finally sees its arrival in the Unites States.

Van Der Bauwede Genève is located at Village of Merrick Park, 370 San Lorenzo Ave., Second Floor, Coral Gables, Fla., 305. 444.5310;