Haute Fit: The Best Places To Buy Denim in Los Angeles

When looking for the perfect pair of jeans, it is most important to consult a specialist. Whether it is an experienced salesperson or the owner of a clothing store entirely dedicated to denim, the perfect pair of jeans does exist, with a little help from those who know them well.

The Blues Jean Bar
Though you aren’t able to order wings and a pitcher of beer, The Blues Jean Bar has over 40 lines of denim for men and women with varying washes, styles, and sizes. Just like you would in any other bar, shoppers can approach the long wood bar where endless designer jeans are featured. Whether you choose to shop solo or with a little help from the Blues Jean specialists, any pair purchased here is guaranteed to be great. The Blues Jean Bar, with other locations in Chicago and New Orleans, will even host a denim viewing party for a group of clients or for you and your friends.

The Blues Jean Bar is located at 1409 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, Calif.

World Denim Bar
Thanks to the owner of American Rag Cie, the adjacent La Brea store is home to over 73 denim brands where customers are greeted with endless denim options. Filled with well known as well as foreign designers, the World Denim Bar is a popular place to find the latest jeans. Though endless options await the jean enthusiast, the World Denim Bar offers customers the chance to actually fit and design their own pair of jeans ($350). If you have ever been to American Rag Cie and know how fabulous the finds are, you can get a sense of what awaits at this denim bar.

World Denim Bar is located at 160 S. La Brea, Los Angeles, Calif.

A.P.C., it’s as easy as 1-2-3! The famous song pretty much sums up your shopping experience at A.P.C. The amazing West Hollywood denim store with an equally amazing website has perfectly fitted jeans for any body type. With popular styles such as the “The Hipster” and “The Petit Standard,” designer Jean Touitou created unisex jeans that would fit and sculpt any body perfectly. The West Hollywood store has other goodies such as tanks and trench coats, even though the jeans seem to remain the most popular. A recent edition to the website has been the A.P.C. Journal, a blog about the latest happenings and styles that the line has to offer.

A.P.C. is located at 619 N. Croft Avenue, West Hollywood, Calif.