Bono Chats to President Medvedev Before U2 First Concert in Russia

We have been waiting for them for so long! Finally U2 ventured all the way to Moscow to perform their first gig in Russian capital. The show became the main highlight of this summer’s concert season.

U2 gathered a crowd of 85,000 in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. Musicians performed for almost three hours despite the heavy rain at that day, on a stage that was not really weather proof.

But what made U2 gig so prominent and notable is the group’s frontman Bono met with Russian President Medvedev the day before the concert.

Musician and the president met for a cup of tea at Medvedev’s summer residence, near the resort town of Sochi, which will host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Bono started that informal meeting joking that he hoped to bridge the musical gap between himself, a Led Zeppelin fan, and Medvedev, who is known for his love of Deep Purple. Medvedev resolved the issue by saying that he likes Led Zeppelin, too.

Bono, famous for his charity and humanitarian work, urged the Russian president to encourage Russian companies to fund AIDS and malaria treatment.

Medvedev and Bono vowed to fight against the spread of polio, and discussed ways to prevent the spread of HIV.

Sadly charity projects are not as popular in Russia as in Western World, but who knows, maybe Bono will set a new trend for charity work here, providing that country’s first man is already on his side.