Release Your Wild Side On Friday Nights This Summer: London Zoo Lates

Friday night in the UK does have a reputation of being an animalistic and wild occasion. Hair is let down and the usual refined behavior that us humans adopt for the rest of week are flung aside. Urban jungle takes on a whole new meaning and in some parts of the city, anything goes.

Over in Regents Park at London Zoo however, humans and animals are meeting each other over an obligatory summer Pimms and even strutting their best moves—to attract a mate perhaps? —at the silent disco.

Well kind of. London Zoo Lates are a fun way to enjoy the summer nights in London at one of the cities most iconic tourist attractions. Meet friends, family, and colleagues for a balmy evening of food, drink, socializing, and remembering that we are not the only creatures to walk this planet.

Celebrity Chef Angela Hartnett is on hand to create the picnic, BBQ, and seafood buffet.  Then as the sun goes down there are 720 different species to see including the African hunting dogs, giraffes, zebras, the ever cuddling meercats, the zoo’s famous gorillas and that’s not to mention some of the reptiles: Komodo dragon and Burmese python as you relax into the weekend anyone?

Night time in the wild is said to be a lively and predatory affair—who knows what will have its eyes on you…?

London Zoo Lates run each Friday throughout August. Tickets are necessary and are selling out fast so be sure to book online.

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