Groovy Baby! The Swinging Sixties are back in London—Where Else Did it Better?

London in the sixties was the city of the decade. The Beatles and the Stones; Twiggy and Vivienne Westwood; mods and rockers; mini-skirts and minis; and King’s Road and Carnaby Street were all hot news, while London was centre of it all.

It’s 50 years since the decade began to swing but still no reason to lay the fashions, icons, music, and to rest. On the contrary, why not bring them back for a week?

London 60s week is an annual seven-day celebration of the decade, highlighting the creative explosion that emerged. Organizers claim that the young made themselves heard through their energy, creativity, and spirit and so London 60s week embraces this legacy while looking toward the future.

Chair of London 60s Week, Chris Pleydell, said: “There seemed to me to be a void in our communication between one generation and another. This project’s sole goal is to reach between these two generations…from the ones who are making cultural history now to those that have already put their stamp on the UK’s history.”

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the decade of peace, love, and harmony, the festival provides the opportunity for those who were not around to learn about sixties culture, and for those who were to reminisce. Events continue until July 25th and include a ‘When You’re Strange,’ The Doors photography exhibition at The Morrison Hotel, Camden Lock looking back to the Mods and mini-skirts of the decade, a Mini Copper tour of London, a tie dye party at Carnaby Street, and a swinging 60’s tour of London.

Flares, making the peace sign, over hairsprayed bouffants are optional.

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