Preen Designs for Bungalow 8 Across the Pond

Looks like the staff of Bungalow 8’s London outpost is about to get a makeover. In fashion, of course. Preen designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi are updating the uniforms of the uber cool London nightlife sanctuary, bringing a great sense of style to the deserved corp of female waitresses, bartenders, and hostesses.

“They really liked what we did and asked if we’d be interested to do the uniformas for the girls. We met with them and talked about the practicalities that they need,” says Thornton of this collaboration. But, we want to know, were those practicalities difficult to straighten out? Certainly not for this experienced design duo. “We love the challenge. To challenge yourself, it keeps it fresh,” continues Thornton.

It makes sense that Bungalow 8 would turn to this pair for chic new wares. Preen is a British label favored by the hip crowd. And Bungalow 8 is nightlife guru Amy Sacco’s creation that debuted in New York City in 2001. Ever since its opening in the UK in 2007, this cool spot at the St. Martin’s Lane Hotel has catered to the likes of Prince, Courtney Love, Kevin Spacey, and Sophie Dahl.

Via Vogue UK