Kenneth Cole Tees to Help Support Gulf Oil Cleanup

This is something we can wrap our heads around. And something we will definitely spend a little dough on.

Kenneth Cole has launched an online T-shirt store today in support of the Gulf oil cleanup—all profits from the sale of the T-shirt will benefit Awearness, the Kenneth Cole Foundation to support the Gulf efforts. And to spread word of this valiant effort, Kenneth Cole will use Twitter and his Facebook page to promote the $35 shirts. In fact, the casual wares will be sold exclusively through Kenneth Cole Production’s Facebook page. And interested consumers will have their pick of three different graphics, like “I Clean Up Well,” in 12 different colors.

What’s more? For the next five consecutive days, 20 tweeters who retweet Cole’s message through their Twitter pages will be chosen at random to win a free T-shirt. Finally, a West Side Highway billboard at West 57th Street will broadcast this campaign to curious passerby.