fenom Modern Absinthe Hosts Master’s Mix Saturday

Craving absinthe? You’re in luck. This Saturday, June 19 fenom Modern Absinthe invites Miami locals to a Master’s Mix where complimentary fresh and smooth cocktails will be served along with blazing jams by DJ Maynor, Inbal and Rico (Paris). Hosted by Louis Aguirre, Craig Stevens, Alan Randolph, Martin Krediet, Michelle Adison and JP Souto, the event will be held from 10:30 to 12:30 a.m. at Bar 721.

Launched in the South Florida market in May 2010, fenom has carved out a new niche in the absinthe category and among high-end spirits. It is the first absinthe created for consumption in an undiluted form and is branded by a trademark design and a modern recipe that delivers a sexy, lower-calorie liquor uniquely crafted for contemporary nightlife.

fenom strays from the perceptions of traditional absinthes and presents a fresh, smooth consistency that is lightly aromatic with subtle herbal undertones, a dramatic departure from the liquors’ typically overwhelming bold flavor. Its lower alcohol content (80 proof/40 percent) and clear consistency lends to an increased level of drinkability, helping to cement its position as a liquor of choice for bottle service, chilled shots and mixed drinks.

Bar 721 is located at 721 N. Lincoln Lane, South Beach (1 block North of Lincoln Road off Meridian) 305.532.1342