EDUN, Sephora, and the Wildlife Conservation Society

As we all learn to be a little more eco-conscious in our daily lives, it is always nice to hear of our favorite brands doing their part to aid the environment. In 2005, when Bono—one of the world’s greatest champions for diversity, change, and reform—and his equally “active” wife Ali Hewson founded the ethical clothing company EDUN, the fashion world cheered. But it wasn’t only appraise for the trendy wares that got us excited. We were ecstatic that we could finally put our hard earned cash toward a great cause.

So when it was announced today that EDUN would be partnering with mega beauty brand Sephora and the Wildlife Conservation Society, we cheered again. This partnership will support the Conservation Cotton Initiative (CCI), which aims to create sustainable livelihoods for local African farmers through organic agriculture and the conservation of wildlife.

Through limited edition EDUN for Sephora make-up palettes, Sephora will contribute $3 dollars from every sale to the Wildlife Conservation Society. The all purpose palettes are enclosed in a natural wooden case and come with an organic cotton drawstring pouch made in Uganda.

Says Dr. James Deutsch, director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Africa program, “With a large percentage of people in Uganda living off the land, it is imperative that their natural resources are protected. Working with EDUN, which has been a global leader in promoting markets in Africa, is a natural fit for the Wildlife Conservation Society. We appreciate Sephora’s support in promoting this important project.”

The EDUN for Sephora make-up is on sale at Sephora now. And if make-up isn’t your thing, you can make donations in support of helping to save wildlife here.