Courvoisier presents The Complete History of Food with Bompas & Parr

Calling all foodies. If you’ve ever romanticized about dining in an historical periods, or even fantasized that we ‘ll be eating molecular feasts from petri plates into the future, well here’s your chance to experience it all in the present.

Infamous food and drink experimentalists Bompas & Parr will transform an entire building to create an interactive epicurean adventure: Courvoisier Presents The Complete History of Food With Bompas & Parr.

Hosting 300 visitors, the installation will focus on key revolutionary periods in food giving visitors a taste of fine dining in the past and an insight into how people will eat in the future.

Food eras covered within the culinary extravaganza include Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian / Edwardian and Molecular Gastronomy, plus a number of global experimental firsts.

The event promises light flooded dining rooms, exquisite and enormous sugar sculptures, and food changes on the plate to reflect the history and evolution of dining trends.

Courvoisier and Bompas & Parrs most recent collaboration was 2009’s Courvoisier Architectural Punch Bowl, a lake of punch so large that guests were invited to float across it, at the old Sierra Leone Embassy in Portland Place.

The event is collaboration between Courvoisier and Bompas & Parr. Since 1923 Courvoisier has sought to ‘to form an elite, favouring the exchange of ideas and experience for the good of all.’ Poured throughout the Complete History of Food event, the night promises to be a thought-provoking food event like London has never seen before.

July 14–18. Tickets are on sale now.

The event is happening as part of the cultural festival the Courvoisier Revolutionary Spirit 2010 that is taking place throughout various London venues in July. For more details see: