Just in Time: Gucci Launches Watch Website

Some might say that luxury timepieces should be left to the experts. But Gucci does not agree. In recent years the brands watch business has faltered, leaving many loyal wearers to wonder whether it would stand the test of time. Well, today we all have our answer.

In order to draw more attention to their timeless watches, Gucci has launced a website dedicated to all things that tell time. Access for this site is available through the Gucci.com site, or through the brand new domain, guccitimepieces.com. And, yes, it is iPad literate. Meaning those of you who have succumbed to the craze of Apple’s latest tech genius can peruse the various styles in the most streamlined form yet. High-resolution images of the watches are showcased against a backdrop of golds and browns; there is a history of Gucci; a listing of in-store events; and a global store locater.

U-Play, the latest model of Gucci timepieces, allows the wearer to change the combinations of colors and materials of both the bezel and the bracelet. There is also the G-Frame, a timeless and elongated style available in beige, antique rose, and slate blue. Last year watches accounted for about 4.6 percent of Gucci’s sales ($2.9 billion at current exchange), so we can only hope this new site will boost those sales even more.