Toni Francesc- Winter Collection “Artificial Life”

Winter is sober for Toni Francesc, he uses nocturnal and dark colors while staying a true romantic. This is Toni’s second show at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. His collection “Artificial Life” is based on an androgynous image, one in which women and technology combine. It’s an in depth interpretation of the future without overlooking the roots of the past and the world of hand crafted creation.

The inspiration of the season parallels the metaphor of humans connecting only through technology feeling alienated without the face-to-face interaction with one another. The shapes and volumes of the collection are based on a mixture of pieces that protrude from the figure in parts of the body, highlighting women’s finest, the shoulder and the hips. Angular forms and projecting parts play a prominent role in the pieces. The fabrics consist of cotton, viscose, and silk. The color palette is modified through fading processes to refer to rusted metals and industrial elements.

Train tracks and electricity cables are a key aspect of this collection. Toni wants us to see his perspective where our eyes focuses on objects that disappear into the distance, symbolizing the sense of alienation and deadlock that Man feels in the present age. Toni allows festive and urban elements to coexist in harmony. He is at the forefront of breaking international markets for the world of Spanish designers.