Twilight Bites: The Haute 5 Restaurants for Late Night Dining in Miami

Although we know that some of these places can’t be considered “fine dining,” we also know that even luxury lovers are struck with midnight munchies from time to time. Therefore, leave it to us at Haute Living to provide you with a few of Miami’s best spots for those late night cravings. After all, we know nothing feels better than satisfying your taste buds after a long night of frolicking through our magical city.

La Sandwicherie
Serving possibly the most delightful sandwiches in Sobe since 1988, Miami’s La Sandwhicherie captures all the glory of French flavors in a simple and comfortable manner. After leaving a long night of loud music and partying, this sandwich shop allows customers to sit and relax without too many distractions and trail off into another world that mainly focuses on the delicious tasting selections before them. Affordable, convenient, and open until 5:00 A.M. every day, La Sandwhicherie always provides the freshest ingredients on crisp baguettes and croissants with their famous vinaigrette sauce that will make any new customers, permanent ones.

La Sandwicherie is located at 229 14th Street in Miami Beach. For more information, call (305) 532-8934.