The Stylish Moroccan Home of Yves Saint Laurent

As a designer, Yves Saint Laurent was loved and respected throughout his lifetime. Since his death, however, his iconic status has grown more and more throughout the years.

After he passed away in June 2008, his Parisian home was sold. Now, his Moroccan home dubbed “Villa Mabrouka,” is up for sale for about $16 million.

Set on a row of steps on a cliff overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, Yves Saint Laurent bought the 91,494 square foot house in 1998 for $1.7 million. It’s truly a gorgeous home, with floor-to-ceiling windows that add plenty of light, and a 180-degree view of the city.

Designed by the master of French interiors, Jacques Grange, the villa offers a blend of African and European influences. For example, the library’s walls are lined with straw which are reminiscent of British colonialism, but before getting there, you have to walk through a corridor with plenty of Arabic decorations.

Apart from the bedrooms that were emptied, the rest of the house is left in its original state. Under the main living rooms are several guest rooms. Four staff members can live in quarters specifically arranged in the garden. The beautiful garden includes a heated outdoor pool with rocks and a waterfall.

“I owe my boldness to this country. I feel like this culture has become my own culture: I wasn’t simply content to import it, but I also wanted to integrate, transform and adapt the heritage of Morocco,” said Laurent about the country which he adored.

All proceeds of the property will go to the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent. The property is being sold by Majorelle Investissement and Christies Great Estates.

Via: Luxist