P.J. Clarke’s Burgers Go National

It seems like business owners have taken a liking to expanding their once small burger establishments to national levels. Take Five Guys for example their expansion has been widely successful due to the fact that people love to eat burgers. The debate on whether they are good for you or not can be left to the nutritionists, we are talking business here and in times of crisis, food has long been a temporary remedy.

Going up to bat is P.J. Clarke’s tavern turned small burger chain. The 130 year old location in Manhattan will be taking their business to new locations such as: Vegas and Washington D.C. due to open June 2010, followed by a Boston location. Further plans include branches in ten other cities and a 65- acre farm in Millbrook, NY intended to supply the growing restaurants.

Although the chain’s burgers have been on decline for a while here is hoping they spruce things up with the coming of the new projects.

Via: Eater