Joel Huff Lives Surfer Life As the Chef at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara

Former rising star, chef Joel Huff one day got up and left his 3.5 stars at Silks, and after a stint as Jose Andres’ chef de cuisine at the Bazaar in LA, he is now living a surfer lifestyle as the chef at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara.

Huff’s cooking style is inspired by his experiences in Southeast Asia, Europe and Australia, where he worked with chef Nori Sugie. “I’m a surfer at heart and have done a lot of traveling,” Huff said. “I went to Europe to surf and I remember that in Leon, France, I found that my passion is fine dining.”

His menu includes a 12-hour Spanish-style suckling pig cooked sous vide for a long time at lower heat to maintain its flavor and served with a battered and fried duck egg white truffle, mashed potatoes, migas, and a red-wine reduction. The Tydes salad incorporates seasonal pear, fennel, pomegranate and winter greens with blue cheese and a Spanish sherry walnut vinaigrette. During this time of year, Huff’s seasonal menu serves cool-weather favorites such as stews, soups, and winter veggies.

Via: The Daily Sound, Eater SF