Cupcakes for a Cause

There’s something about a cupcake that brings back childhood memories. Perhaps it’s the colorful sprinkles on top of the rich and creamy frosting. Maybe it’s the paper cups that you peeled off ever so gently as not to disturb the moist cake batter just waiting to be devoured.  Heck, maybe it’s even the thought of you childishly licking the spoon and bowl completely clean after mixing that batter. Whatever the reason, I know for me, the thought of cupcakes brings an innocent smile to my face. So an even bigger smile was brought to my face when I heard that Beverly Hills cupcakery, Sprinkles, will be bringing its delish delights to San Francisco for the first time ever by way of the Sprinklesmobile.

The company has partnered up with KGO’s San Francisco’s Food Bank Drive and will be selling the famous cupcakes in and around the Bay area for a few days beginning Monday, December 14th. All of the proceeds will be donated to the food bank. So if your diet would normally tell you not to indulge, ignore that tiny voice just this once and do it on behalf of the food bank. There’s just something about a cupcake, especially when it’s tied to a cause. This should leave you with zero feelings of guilt, well, as long as you don’t eat three at a time. Because let’s be honest-what you could once do as a kid, i.e. scarfing down so many you became nauseous, isn’t such a good idea anymore and most definitely guarantees you an extra hard workout at the gym tomorrow. Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts.

Via: SF Eater