Arts Groups That Are Turning Heads And Changing Minds

Here, a list of the most haute groups to join – proving again that if you whine, they will listen.

Los Angeles is a city of transplants. Rarely do you actually meet a Los Angeles native, but you can rest assured that when you do, there’s very little griping a la Woody Allen in Annie Hall that our only “cultural advantage is being able to turn right on red.”  New Yorkers who end up here, on the other hand, come with the preconceived notion that they’ll need to either travel for art or become accustomed to living without it.

They bitterly mention LA’s seeming lack of artistic or cultural groups to join.  Admittedly, New York has L.A. beat when it comes to museum groups and galas, but the trend is catching on here and there are a number of enticing reasons to become a member of L.A.’s fine arts organizations.  Here, a list of the most haute groups to join – proving again that if you whine, they will listen.


LACMA’s Muse membership is geared toward young artists, aficionados, and beginners hoping to experience art they on a deeper (social) level.  They have an annual Costume Ball on Halloween, Muse ‘Til Midnight events celebrating a particular exhibit, an ArtWalk, and the Young Director’s Night, which gives you an opportunity to discover up-and-coming filmmakers. LACMA’s newest membership group is their Film Club – sure to be a popular choice considering all the drama surrounding their film program this year.

Downtown at the Museum of Contemporary Art, there are a number of membership levels. Becoming a MOCA member will get you invitations to preview days, studio tours, behind-the-scenes benefits and unlimited free admission to any of MOCA’s locations.  Join the MOCA Contemporaries, however, and you will instantly fill your calendar with invitations to social events, auctions, fundraisers, gallery visits, and day trips – be sure that contemporary art is your bag, though.

If you’re desire for an art group is less specific than a museum offers, there is GenArt.  Their membership offers you a year full of events for fashion, art, music, and film including their annual “Fresh Faces of Fashion” event.

Considering the Los Angeles Philharmonic hired a music director that everyone in Los Angeles has a crush on, becoming a Friend of the LA Phil has never been more enticing.  Catching a glimpse of Gustavo Dudamel in an invitational rehearsal or at a “Meet the Musician” event, both of which are members-only benefits, would make the whole annual fee thing completely worthwhile.