Robert De Niro’s New York Penthouse Is Causing A Stir

Robert De Niro is causing quite a stir with the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission due to structural issues pertaining to his penthouse located at the top of the Greenwich Hotel.

The LPC states that De Niro’s penthouse does not match the design that they approved in 2004, and De Niro’s requests to avoid an estimated $1.5 million restructuring of his home are being ignored. It has now been over a year since De Niro was instructed to update the modern penthouse’s façade to match the intricate detailed brick on the rest of the building’s exterior.

Last week, the LPC spokeswoman said, “We don’t really know what the cause for the delay has been.” LPC members state that the penthouse is 1,100 square feet larger than the approved design, and they are particularly upset about the higher and steeper roofline, which they claim makes the structure bulky enough to be seen from street level and does not fit with the industrial-style rooftops in the neighborhood.

It appears that the ongoing battle of the rooftop penthouse is far from over, and representatives for De Niro’s architects at Rockwell did not return calls regarding the issue, and neither did De Niro himself, or his hotel partners. The LPC maintains that they will continue to pursue the issue, as it is their job and responsibility to uphold the integrity of the city’s landmarks.

Via: Luxist, New York Post