Outdoor Seating Drama for San Francisco Eateries

Holding onto the title as some of San Francisco’s hottest waterfront places to eat is turning out to be quite a headache for two popular Embarcadero restaurants.

Popular eateries Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar are being fined thousands of dollars for failing to provide adequate outdoor, waterfront seating for their patrons. Due to the location of their patios on the shoreline, it is a city requirement that the restaurants provide enough outdoor seating for the public, and when city officials discovered the requirement was not being met, a collective fine of $16,800 was charged in May last year by The Bay Conservation and Development Commission, the regional body in charge of permitting on the shoreline where the restaurants are located.

After meeting with representatives in charge of the restaurants, the Commission agreed to reduce its fine to $15,000, with the condition that $6,000 must go toward purchasing four tables and 16 chairs to be placed in front of Epic and Waterbar. If the restaurants comply within four months, an additional $2,000 of the fine will be waived, bringing the total fine to $7,000, still a pretty penny for missing some chairs and tables.

The two waterfront restaurants reportedly cost approximately $20 million combined to build, and I’m guessing they are wishing they would have spent a couple hundred more on some patio furniture at the beginning.

Via: Curbed San Francisco, San Francisco Examiner