Nicole Miller’s Crowd-Pleasing Collection

The Setai’s dimly lit, amber-infused courtyard was transformed Friday night into a bright and spectacular display of sorts for Nicole Miller’s 2010 spring and summer collection. Miller’s collection was full of everything from vibrant corals, magentas, and blues, to more subtle muted earth tones, all colors representing the fresh and fabulous seasons. The color palette was similar to a fresh-picked bouquet of seasonal foliage, waiting to be put on display.

An hour before the show started, the crowds began pouring in by the dozens looking fabulous in their best, fashion forward ensembles. The futuristic Balenciaga booties and heels were everywhere, worn by the younger hipsters as well as the more fashion mature. Excited anticipation traveled throughout the air in the warm courtyard, leaving both grown men and women chatting away and making predictions for what Miller’s collection had in store. The white runway looked like a blank canvas just waiting to be splashed with color. As the time drew near for the show to begin, photographers frantically took their places by literally hanging from tree limbs, and crouching down on the courtyard’s water’s edge, just one small slip away from splashing in. Whatever it took to get the best glimpse of the collection people were trying, because, as well all know, Nicole never disappoints.

Once the music began and the first model took to the runway, all attendees’ attentions were focused solely on the magnificent collection, no longer their hors d’oeuvres and cosmopolitans. Anticipation turned into pure satisfaction as hushed oh’s and ah’s escaped under people’s breaths as different looks came stomping down. The collection started off with some cooler grays and earth tones, perhaps representing where the lush spring and summertime colors originate from. But halfway into the collection, the colors perked up and brightened the atmosphere as well as guest’s smiles. There was a ton of roucheing in the construction of the garments, some tight, cocktail dresses rouched from one inch to the other. Some patterns touched on the geometric theme, others took the tie-dye route.  There were a lot of off the shoulder pieces, which seemed to be a crowd pleaser. It seemed these more so than others, sent the photographers’ camera flashes into overtime. Most models wore a pair of classically cool sunglasses, as if the beauty was too intense, even for them. The hair was half pulled back but left down, the makeup soft; no distractions from the collection necessary.

For the finale, as all models paraded down the runway together, Miller tagged along behind for a modest and polite show of gratification for all the praise and nonstop applause from the overly-packed audience. Once it was all over, attendees filed out of The Setai’s courtyard satisfied with the show, but definitely wanting more. The conversations were now focused on not what to expect from the collection, but what pieces were favorites and when they would be available for purchase. Nicole Miller never disappoints, but she does make it close to impossible to hold out before we can run to stores to scoop up her fabulousness. But in the end, we’ll wait. Her designs make it all worthwhile.