Midtown Massages at the City’s Best Spa

Reinvention is a defining factor in the ability to stay relevant in the 21st century. Fortunately New York City is the unarguable hub of all things fresh and new. As such, we were certainly not surprised to discover that the powers that be at NYC’s own Townhouse Spa have mastered this philosophy with their innovative concepts in design, ambiance, and execution.

Steeped in Asian influences, the spa is, of course, an urban oasis in the midst of what can sometimes be defined as the stuffiness of Manhattan. But it is not just the tranquility of well being that founder Jamie Ahn aims to deliver to her celebrity clients from her midtown locale. She is redefining expectations and raising the bar on what constitutes an incredible spa experience. The tri-level Townhouse Spa offers treatments for the modern man on the second floor, isolated from the girly things that go on behind closed doors in the women’s spa quarters, which are located on the basement floor. Separating the sexes is the communal first floor where guests can partake in restaurant treats and manicure treatments.

While the ladies are lapping up the luxuries offered downstairs, New York’s hautest men can enjoy the offerings of midtown’s sophisticated spa on leather couches while playing poker or taking in a televised sporting event, with a gentleman’s club feeling in mind. Shave, haircuts, and massages show up on the service menu, but the facials and body treatments are what have really been stealing the headlines.

Located at 39 West 56th St., appointments at Townhouse Spa can be made by calling 212.245.8006.

Via: Vanity Fair