Haute Yachts: Lila-Lou’s Smooth Sailing Ankida

London and Swiss-based yacht design studio, Lila-Lou has just revealed its latest project: the new Ankida yacht.  This magnificent superstructure is shaped in a bow-like arrangement designed to optimize wind efficiency.

The unique design allows wind direction and conditions to be optimized by way of fully automatic positioning of the large surface-area sails. To gain the best performance and speed, the center mass is adjusted for maximum efficiency, however, when the boat is at rest, the booms automatically rest joined and facing in line with the straight center mast.

Should it be necessary, the Ankida is able to operate under one sail, which allows for the unique option of a portside sail. To ensure a safe sail as well as a smooth one, the Ankida is also equipped with an advanced software package capable of aiding crew with weather, navigation and operations on board.

The beautiful yacht is not only easy on the eyes, but it’s easy to maneuver, ensuring every sail is as pleasant as the last.

Via: Born Rich