Broken English

Poor Todd English. Not only are restaurants becoming hard for him to maintain, but now the celebrity chef’s ambition seems to be leaving little room for relationships in his life as well. Following his cancelled wedding to fiancée Erica Wang, sources say the reasoning behind English’s nixed nuptials lies rooted in his workaholic tendencies.

English recently retired three restaurants (really, a minor dent in his 18-location portfolio, but a hit’s a hit): Olives in Aspen and Washington, DC and Fish Club in Seattle, in addition to forfeiting control of NYC’s Libertine in the Gild Hall Hotel.

Apparently, the economy’s negative affect on his restaurants’ profits had English firmly positioned on the edge of his seat. Despite the release of his aforementioned locations, sources for English assure us that his business is not only sound, but growing, revealing that half a dozen new eateries are on the near horizon.

And in reality, it’s often hard for high-profile business entrepreneurs to leave the day’s work at the office. Surely this had some affect on life with Wang? Possibly, but let’s not forget Wang’s choice comments about English’s offspring (“spoiled little pigs”) and the speculated bouts of abuse from Wang’s end–English has sported a black eye as well as a slashed face, courtesy of a Wang-wielded wristwatch.

Of course, no fallen relationship saga is complete without the pointed fingers and the who-dun-its.

Via: NY Post