Environmentalists in Jupiter Complain of Jordan’s Big Footprint

Michael Jordan, the recent inductee to the Basketball Hall of Fame, is building a new castle in Jupiter, Florida.  The former NBA star will become the latest resident in the Bears Club, a posh golf community developed by Jack Nicklaus, and some of the city’s environmentalists aren’t too thrilled.

The developer, Lavelle Construction Corp., along with Jordan’s architects, contractor, consultants, and lawyer submitted papers for a 37,943-square-foot mansion, with 26,000-square-feet air under air conditioning.  Within the walls will be 10-foot ceilings, 11 bedrooms and a yet-to-be-determined number of bathrooms, while also on the premise will be a guard gate and a guest cottage.  This new home will undoubtedly tower over his neighbors, who’s homes average about 10,000-square-feet.

A growth management specialist with “1000 Friends of Florida” started complaining about the abundance Jordan is displaying.  Stating, “Who needs that kind of a footprint,” the environmentalist clearly doesn’t recognize that Jordan has every right to build big.  (And just for quip- in his defense, he does wear a size 13) “The Bears Club was specifically designed for large lots,” said zoning principal planner, Scott Tatcher.  “It’s true other homes are in the 10,000-square-feet range, but he is building on two lots.”

The NBA star slammed $7,627,669 down to build his future two story home located at 172 Bears Club Road that will include an elevator, grand stairway, and a fireplace.  The two adjacent lots alone cost Jordan $4.8 million and since then he has paid $152,553 to the town in permits.

Although Jordan’s manager in Washington, D.C. has not commented on the new palace, town officials said the Haines spokesperson and part owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats is well within code.  So, with the ball in his court, Air Jordan will just do it.

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