Investing in Love with Jill & Amber Kelleher


 Jill describes her women as having beauty, brains, and substance.

Though the rest of the country may be in the throes of financial scandals and economic woes, the power players at Kelleher & Associates make no apologies for defining themselves as recession-proof. Jill Kelleher and her daughter, Amber, continue to lead their international matchmaking firm in successfully pairing up accomplished professionals.

“The reason that we have not experienced the same decline that many American companies are currently facing is because of the profiles of our clientele,” explains Jill. Even though their confidential client list has been rumored to include Scottish royalty and iconic family names like du Pont and Rockefeller, the Kelleher’s formula for success includes representing a wide range of individuals who are successful in their careers and place a high value on a quality, active lifestyle.

“When I began, I determined that I only wanted to work with educated, fit, non-smoking professionals who were looking for a significant relationship. Once I made that distinction, my company took off,” says Jill. Today Kelleher & Associates is the largest privately owned matchmaking firm in the U.S. They opened their doors 23 years ago in Marin County and spent the subsequent decades building a presence and reputation in major U.S. and European markets, honing their success rate to an astounding 85 percent.

Her clients are leaders in their fields, which run the gamut from medicine, law, architecture, politics, banking, real estate development, fashion, art, entertainment, and sports. She also works with several Napa Valley vineyard owners. “It seems that it is very hard to meet single people in that area,” she says, explaining that most of the people who live there are married and tend to socialize with their married friends. “If the men only knew who might be just a vineyard away…” Jill describes her women as having beauty, brains, and substance.

Kelleher & Associates clients are high-energy individuals. Yachting, horseback riding, golfing, playing tennis, scuba diving, and globe trekking are the activities of choice when not tending to their corporate ROIs.

Lately, Jill says she has noticed new priorities in the world of eligible singles, as many are now placing an emphasis on finding someone to share the bumpy ride. “People don’t want to weather this economic storm alone. And with the financial markets in the shape that they’re in, the only safe investment right now may be an investment in your love life,” she says.

Industry experience, business savvy, and refined intuition have earned Kelleher & Associates television appearances on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, 20/20, The Today Show, Good Morning America and an endless array of print publications including TIME magazine and The New York Times.

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