The Davide Blei Vintage Rolex Collection

The Geneva-based Patrizzi & Co will auction what some consider the world’s most important collection of Rolex watches: The Davide Blei Vintage Rolex Collection. While the physical auction will take place in Milan, simultaneous online bidding at will allow Rolex-seekers to be a part of the action, no matter their locale.

Blei began collecting the timepieces in 1984, focusing on the aesthetic beauty of the cases and the dials, and unique metal combinations. The resulting collection consists of 114 watches, including some rare Stelline, Ref 6062s; several Daytonas; important chronographs; and an assortment of personalized watches. The collection also includes superb examples of the Submariner, the GMT, the Explorer, and the Sea Dweller. A preview of the collection will be held March 5 to 7 at the Patrizzi & Co’s New York offices at 595 Madison Avenue, with the auction taking place March 22 at the Grand Hotel et de Milan in Milan.