Converting Design: Convertible Furniture from Dileto


 Dileto offers 11 different styles and formations of sofas, sofa beds, and sectionals, along with two styles of recliners that rock, swivel, and, of course, recline.

Amere reference to the “sofa bed” almost always draws connotations of grotesque 1960s-inspired plaids in an in-law’s basement or a college freshman’s dorm room, both antitheses of the mod chic luxury furnishings that abound at the world’s most refined hotels, corporate offices, and residences. The convertible sofa, whose functionality was trumped by poor design and lack of comfort, was near archaic until six years ago, when Gabriela Jimenez decided to take on the task of reinventing the multi-purpose piece of furniture. With comfort, functionality, practicality, and luxury in mind, she founded Dileto.

“The convertible furniture available on the market in the past looked good but lacked functionality and ease of use,” she explains. “Realizing there was a need for a sleeker, more comfortable, high quality sofa bed in the market, we studied and came up with our new version of sofa beds, and we have experienced tremendous success.”
This immense success can be attributed to several aspects, the first of which is customization. Dileto offers 11 different styles and formations of sofas, sofa beds, and sectionals, along with two styles of recliners that rock, swivel, and, of course, recline. Once a customer determines where the piece of furniture will be placed in the home or office, Dileto’s experienced design team advises which size—twin, full, queen, or king—will best fit the space. Dileto then guides clients through a series of choices (leather or fabric, arm style, type of stitching, leg color, and others) that ensure each piece of furniture is unique. “Giving clients options makes them have a unique experience,” Jimenez proclaims. “That’s what makes it fun.”

Dileto manufactures its sofa beds in the U.S., providing for a quick turnaround (the company typically is able to deliver products in four to six weeks). Quick results, aesthetically stunning designs, and functionality in conjunction with Dileto’s eco-friendly efforts have made the company a favorite amongst a long line of A-listers. “All of the materials used in the making of our products are eco-friendly and fire retardant,” explained Jimenez. “Our leathers are green, the tannery they come from is the cleanest in the world, and water-based colorants are used in the final production of the leathers. Our foams are Ultracel, which are manufactured without the fluorocarbons that are believed to have an adverse effect on the earth’s ozone layer.”

Since Dileto offers such a niche product line, it has been able to easily penetrate many different markets and is continuing to grow. The company currently distributes to major furniture retailers in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami, where Dileto has a stunning showroom in the Miami Design District. “We see our business growing at a steady pace, increasing sales and rep stores nationwide,” says Jimenez. “We want to do this at a pace where we do not compromise Dileto’s mission of creating a product with the perfect combination of technology, top design trends, and the beauty of expertly crafted handmade furniture.”

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