Jet of the Week: 2006 Bombardier Challenger 604


Business jets and executive travel should always be about comfort whether it means spacious luxury in-flight or accommodating the best in air travel performance. The 2006 Bombardier Challenger 604 accomplishes this task well. Able to seat 12 passengers very comfortably, the Challenger 604 offers indulgent soft leather seating with one of the widest cabin of any business jet. Stretch your legs, take a walk, or spread out for a nap. Regardless whether you plan to handle business matters or indulge in some needed down-time, the Challenger 604 boasts luxurious accommodations.

The 600 Series was designed initially by Bill Lear, but the rights were subsequently sold to Canadair. Bombardier purchased Canadair in 1986 and has since made several improvements in the 600 Series model. The Challenger 604 features increased engine power over prior models as well as larger fuel capacity, enhanced flight instrumentation systems, and improved structural wing and tail designs. The result is a range of 4400 miles with a speed of 525 mph making the Challenger 604 ideal for regional or intercontinental flights.

If your executive travel demands spacious luxury and exceptional performance, the 2006 Bombardier Challenger 604 is the perfect choice for luxury business jet travel by letting you enjoy the very best in luxury travel comfort. When it comes to business jets, it is among the best in class.

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