Jet of the Week: 2007 Cessna Citation Bravo


Heritage and experience speaks volumes when considering a luxury business jet, and Cessna Corporation, which was founded in 1927, certainly meets the standard. Within its fleet of premium jets, the 2007 Citation Bravo is one of the elite. Based on Cessna’s Model 550 series, the Bravo initially entered the luxury jet market in 1995 with 337 produced before the last one was manufactured in late 2006. The Bravo boasts two Pratt and Whitney 530A turbofan engines as well as Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics within its glass cockpit. And with its sleek exterior with characteristic nose, the Citation Bravo looks as stylish as it flies. For more than a decade, the Citation Bravo has been an accepted standard for luxury business jet travel.

As a light luxury jet, the Bravo easily cruises at a speed of 450 mph with a service ceiling of 43,000 feet allowing one to avoid inclement weather much of the time. Also, its range of 1700 miles or more allows many destinations to be reached without having to land for refueling. Relaxing within the soft leather seats in judicious space, seven passengers and two crew enjoy an exceptional air travel experience. Cessna’s persistence in implementing state-of-the-art components with indulgent accommodations for its passengers speaks to their mission of quality. As a result, the Bravo sits atop many executive aviation choices. The next time you desire luxury corporate travel, take reputation and history into consideration. Combining heritage and quality, you can’t go wrong with choosing the Cessna Citation Bravo.

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