Jet of the Week: 2006 Falcon 2000 Business Jet


Dassault Aviation with over 30 years experience in designing business jets excels in transcontinental high-speed aircraft. The 2006 Falcon 2000 Business Jet is a perfect example of their expertise. This wide-body luxury jet epitomizes comfort, speed and cost-efficiency making it the ideal aircraft choice of many corporations throughout the world. With a range of more than 3500 miles and twin turbofan engines that allow speeds of 517 mph, executive travel does not have to pause between destinations. The Falcon 2000, originally introduced for private use in 1995, remains a standard for elite luxury jet travelers.

Cruising at Mach 0.8 in a luxurious environment at 40,000 feet is indeed quite attractive. With the ability to seat up to 10 passengers, Dassault combined its engineering prowess with the Italian firm Alenia to create a beautifully designed aircraft. From soft leather seating to plush carpeting, comfort engages any traveler making the trip quite serene. And with a full service galley and in-flight entertainment, you undoubtedly will arrive rejuvenated for whatever awaits you. The next time executive travel requires long distance luxury, be sure to consider a Dassault Falcon 2000. The combination of elegance, speed and range make this luxury jet the perfect choice for premium executive travel.

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