Car of the Week: 2006 Aston Martin Vanquish S


When you make out that list of “Things to do before I die,” be sure to include the sweet driving experience of a 2006 Aston Martin Vanquish S. This exotic sports car out of Buckinghamshire, England embodies a classic design of sculpted masculinity and curvaceous delights that seeps into your soul at first view. Designer Ian Callum created a lighter, stronger and stiffer version by utilizing aerospace technologies and bonding together the Vanquish’s carbon fiber, aluminum and composite materials. So even when you are testing the limits of the 6.0 liter 520 HP engine and its 6 speed transmission, you will be reassured of the best safety that automotive engineering has to offer. And with a top speed of 200 mph, safety is always an added bonus.

From within, shifting can be manual or automated with the use of Formula One paddle shifting abilities; and white-faced instruments stylishly contrast the dark leather interior. Luxury amenities include rear parking sensors, heated front seats, and even power-folding side mirrors. Likewise, communication via Bluetooth enabled phones, a superb navigation system, and an enhanced sound system provides technological comforts to coincide with the luxurious accommodations otherwise present. Even the message center allows displays in 11 different languages. So in contrast to the title of the James Bond film Die Another Day that made this sports car infamous, choose to live life to the fullest by driving an Aston Martin Vanquish. And since production of these exquisite cars ceased after July 2007, time indeed may be of the essence.

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